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No matter what your relationship is to any given event, be it organizer, exhibitor, or attendee, Bloodhound is an app that makes the experience smarter, easier, and just plain better. They've got accolades from Tech Crunch and as much buzz as you'd like.

There really are two types of apps, those that are about novelty, and those that are about utility. Bloodhound definitely falls into the latter category. Their app is one that makes you go "Why hasn't anyone else thought of this before now?". It just makes sense on that kind of level.

They've even rolled out a new feature that turns smartphones into smart badge scanners. Bar code, QR code, business card. Doesn't matter, Bloodhound will scan it.

Check out the explainer video below, and if you're someone for whom events are a part of life, you should already be downloading it by the end. It will be the crown jewel in your event portfolio.


Bloodhound Event App from Bloodhound; on Vimeo.

Pulling off the perfect event means coordinating thousands of moving pieces with clockwork precision.

It’s a machine with many operators: the organizers, the exhibitors, and the attendees, all with different priorities and agendas.

But everyone expects seamless synchronization.

Which is why we created Bloodhound: the complete mobile solution for events.

TechCrunch called it "the perfect event app" because Bloodhound makes your event a success from every angle.

-Organizers use Bloodhound because it lets them upload and edit event details, monitor critical analytics, and doesn’t cost a thing

-Exhibitors demand it because they can connect with relevant attendees, and collect and prioritize their leads. Bloodhound turns smartphones into smart badge scanners. Whether it's a barcode, a QR code, or a business card, Bloodhound supplements the lead with additional information, making qualification a breeze.

-Attendees love it because it integrates with their favorite sites, it’s redefining networking, and above all, it treats their time with the respect it warrants.

They *all* turn to Bloodhound because it’s more than just an app; it’s a platform for connecting, scheduling, and personalizing every event.

No matter who you are, Bloodhound makes events smarter.


Bloodhound from Simplifilm on Vimeo

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