How To Blow A Sale: Challenger Sale By Simplifilm

My friend Dan suggested I read a book on sales when we met back in April. This was the book, and when I read it I thought "Wow, my friend is here."

There's a line I've always wanted to tread - not being a jerk, not "taking crap" from clients.  Getting things done, 'handling the money' and calling you dude.

This book describes a perfect process to selling things.

When I read it, it validated how I thought.  It talks about how nice guys dont't finish first.  I had to make this trailer, and I had to get paid to do it.

Luckily, I'd just come out with a hit trailer.

So, I stalked the author Matthew Dixon on LinkedIn. Told him that he needed one.

He thought "cool."  Referred me to another in his chain (challengers have to build consensus.)   I also recruited Portfolio and another company to sponsor the video, just in case.

Got a hold of IAN.  Ian scheduled a call.  Which I blew off.  Time zone fail.  Total fail.  I sent the sheepish email.  "I failed, I failed."

Ian was gracious enough to reschedule.  We handled particulars, process, and everything else.

We made the trailer, and it turned out great.  (Soon, we'll have more book trailers to share and a whole other brand that will be launched.  Student observers can figure that out).

Challenger Sale Trailer from Simplifilm on Vimeo.

When the economy crashed, why did some teams continue to post record results? Why did they succeed where others failed?

The data is clear. After studying the actions of over  6,000 frontline sales reps in from countless industries and countless countries the Corporate Executive Board’s (or Sale’s Executive Council’s) comprehensive study discovered just 5 distinct profiles of sales reps.

[Show reps on screen]

It turns out: many business placed their biggest bet on the profile least likely to win.

Who are you betting on?

It’s time to find out.

There are many things a rep could do well, but a critical few matter most for sales performance. The conventional sales wisdom is dead: it’s more than just relationships, more than pounding the pavement. It’s acumen + agility.

The Challenger Rep isn’t satisfied to sit back and ask questions. Their insights help companies uncover problems didn’t know were there, develop new interests and sell solutions.

Today, it is the secret to sales success.

Building a team of all-stars starts with The Challenger Sale, available everywhere books are sold.


The credits:

Challenger Sale Book Trailer: Produced by Simplifilm Directed and Animated by: Declan Zimmerman Written By: Ryan Holiday Voice By: Robert Bruce Sound Design By: Declan Zimmerman