How We Use Gravity Forms

We love gravity forms.

When I started Simplifilm, we had a shortlist of clients I wanted to get in the WordPress space.  We got 8 of 10 of them.

Gravity was near the top of the list and was one of the first people I thought of.

Basically, Gravity Forms works inside wordpress so you can build and deploy whatever forms you like. Check out our video, which is nice, as you probably know:

We have found a few uses for it, and we'll keep on trucking to have more.

1.) Opt in Box Testing.  We'll be doing a newsletter soon, and for now, we're trying to see what kind of offers people like.  Gravity Forms lists conversion rates and so we can glean useful information.

2.) Mailchimp Integration: It's no matter for Gravity Forms to sync with Mailchimp, and so we're building our list a few at a time.

3.) CRM and workflow stuff:  We use Batchbook right now (and we love it) , and we can integrate with our CRM and auto-tag the leads that come in.  This means that if I'm on top of things (heh), I can treat leads well and it's one coherent process.

4.) Process messages and creative brief generation: At we can generate a solid creative brief.  What that means is that we can get on the same page with our clients early on.

5.) Approvals and Revisions:  Again, we have our revisions tracked via gravity forms.  Our clients can see what's going on and fix things.  This puts the client and us on the same sheet once.

6.) Our contracts: No lie.  is the first step in creating good looking contracts.  We then sign it up with EchoSign (though it seems as if they are working for a signature solution).  It's a simple cut and paste and it updates our CRM with some of the details.

7.) Customer Service/Improvement :  We can pow-wow internally with a gravity form and then share data with a customer.  It's a nice way of getting a large amount of text to different spots.  We can quickly record and memorialize things that becomes our policy and since our data is stored on our servers, we can recall it and deal with it in a more intelligent way than we would otherwise have been able to.

Gravity Forms is affordable, it offers amazing support, and it "just works" in a way that we always hope products will.  It is easy to begin, and you can configure it endlessly and hack the CSS if you want to.

A secret sauce for Gravity Forms is workflow.  You can move things along a chain and it can be set to email people with the email they need and collect thoughts.  The simple-to-use Conditional Logic means that different things happen at different times.  We use this in a variety of contexts - our customer service and other things.

It's great to work with great software.

We actually use the stuff we promote on here, and we're going to continue to push the ball forward.

We pick our clients -based on the quality of the software they create.  Gravity Forms was one of the first companies I wanted to work with and I'm glad we did.