MobileDay Product Demo Video by Simplifilm

You'll love it.

Really, you will.

That's the promise of this app, and it fulfills it in a variety of ways.

Mobile Day makes it SO SIMPLE to make  conference calls, it's not even funny.

It solves a basic problem by allowing you to join a call any time and from anywhere.

The video explains it: people that use conference calls hate the experience.  This experience isn't something you have to hate.

MobileDay from Simplifilm on Vimeo.

Dealing with conference calls on the go is a total pain. Memorizing 30 digits of passcode, writing it down, or rejoining dropped conference calls is a nightmare.

You still doing this? Hey,  There's a better way.

MobileDay: the free app for one touch access to any conference call from any conference provider.

Check it out: Download MobileDay, it locates the conference calls on your calendar. Just before your call, the join button pops up. One touch, and you're in.

Whether you're the host or a guest.

MobileDay also has a suite of features like smart messaging, and one touch rejoin, and many, many more.

MobileDay works great with any conference call provider, you just use what you've already got.

Try MobileDay for free and see for yourself. One touch, and you'll love it.


The credits:

MobileDay Persuader Video: Produced by Simplifilm Directed and Animated by: Daryl Myers Written By: Chris Johnson with Brad Dupee Voice By: Mike O'Brian Sound Design By: Daryl Myers