The Simplifilm 40 - The Big Thank You List

This is our birthday month. In 2010, Jason and I (let's face it, largely Jason) delivered the Headway Themes Simplifilm. That was #1. Now, we're delivering the second video for Headway, for their epic 3.0 release.

Since then, we've been booked solid and only had a couple of days where our bookings were less than 90 days out. It's been an amazing, fun and profitable ride. We've hustled, bled, burned the midnight oil and gotten to know each other very well.

Just about every one of our clients has reordered (or inquired about it).  There was a time in September that we were booked 7 months into the future. (We've cut that down to about 3).

Now? It's time to thank everyone that has helped to make us what we are becoming.  We're just getting warmed up.  We know what to do. Stories that convert is our thing and we will work hard enough to widen our lead against the rest of the field.

Can't wait to see what you guys are all up to next year.

  1. All of our clients: Thanks for sticking with us, thanks for working with us. Thanks for buying a video even when our site said lorem ipsum everywhere. We appreciate all of you - deeply - even when we didn't mention you by name.
  2. Jason Moore- Man, I don't know what to say.  I love working with you. I love where we're going.  I love the business we've made.  I love going pro. I love having standards.  I love being the best in the world, and it is very underrated.
  3. Grant Griffiths- Dude, you're one of the most loyal people ever. I loved that we turned it around, and you're a valuable client, friend, mentor and, of course, a safe place to rant.
  4. Stu McClaren - The congenial hustle that you embody inspires me.  When we got "Wishlist" that meant we had a real business. That was what Ramit calls Client #3.
  5. Clay Griffiths- I'll get to say I worked with you someday when you're on the cover of Newsweek, Fortune and Forbes.
  6. Ryan Hartman- Kind of fun overcoming our daddy issues together and rocking it, isn't it?
  7. Andrew Norcross- Epic pro. You can do anything, we owe you and we know it.
  8. Scott Ginsberg: My friend. An embodiment of changing and changing things, getting better in public. Thanks!
  9. Sonia SimoneBoofy. Haired. Realtors. You rock.
  10. Tony Clark-  Man, thanks for being easy to work with, classy and congenial. We'll do it again someday.
  11. Dan Schleifer- You advocated for us before the sale, during the sale, and on the final details.  That was, at the time, our biggest deal. Thanks!
  12. Michele Mo0re- You put up with craziness and uncertainty, and gave blood sweat and tears for this business. Thanks for letting Jason kill himself to make epic art.  Thanks for putting up with me. Thanks.
  13. Heather Johnson- Thanks for dealing with uncertainty and another change of plans and pace.
  14. Trish Smith- You're a big reason why I had the time to start this stuff. Hopefully we can work together again.
  15. Dan Bracken- Awesome working with you. Moore is a tough act to follow but you did a great job.
  16. Caitlin Dimare-Oliver- Thanks for pitching in on the cheap and on short notice. You helped make this version of the site, and we'll always "owe you one."
  17. Eric Darnell- You, sir, did good work.  First experiment that's worked.  Hopefully we can do it again.
  18. Allan Branch-  For lending us Eric, for giving me advice, and for doing your thing.
  19. Shawn McGrath - You helped me sell not "so" much like an addict.  Still not going to do RFPs.
  20. Brian ClarkThanks for being my meal ticket ;-).  Unfortunate/delusional outbursts aside, I learned a bunch from your business, and have assimilated many ideas into mine.  An itinerant remark can be forgiven- but not forgotten.
  21. Carl Hancock- Gravity forms is epic.  The development path is well lit.  Can't wait to see what you do next.
  22. September Day Carter- Your talent, your professionalism, your voice are all amazing.  All of what we did was play you for clients and they bought.
  23. Chris Pearson - The original incarnation of DIY Themes helped me bridge to what I'm doing now. Selling realtors Thesis sites was a good way to learn a little about design and mark time till I got it figured out.  Can't wait till 2.0.
  24. Willie Jackson- You are the very definition of gracious hustle.
  25. Hugh Macleod-  Without being a goal setting d-bag, I aimed for the stars. Thanks.
  26. Phil Hodgen- I think I've fired all the old jags out of my life.
  27. Jeff Turner- Think bigger, get better faster.  I am now committed to this thing because of our breakfast so long ago.
  28. Chris Turbiville- You are an epic pro. I'm grateful whenever I find a fit for your voice talent. You are easy to work with, you sound great.
  29. Claire Lee- thanks for the introductions and the advocacy.  Thanks for getting us involved with Redmond.
  30. Kevin Flahaut- Pleasure and privilege to work with you.
  31. Cynthia LaLuna- Thanks for being all "whatever man" to the advice I gave.
  32. Jason Rink: Let's hope that the future is bright.
  33. Eric Hamm- BEHOLD! Your theme is epic, you couldn't have had any more grace when we were late.
  34. Sarah Robinson- Man, I hope that we can get together more often.  But
  35. Dave and Judy Johnson - I love you a lot and owe you everything.
  36. Michael Martine: I'm a closer and an owner.
  37. Stephen Silver- We're just getting started and it's been an honor so far.
  38. Jon Ziebel-  Thanks for being patient #1.
  39. Lee Lefeever - Thanks for setting the tone. Love your work. Keep raising standards.
  40. Steve Jobs- Rest in peace, friend. Thanks for everything.  We'll try  hard not to be bozos.
Other thanks to:
We're in debt to more people than this, and if we missed you - we're still thankful for those that referred us business, that allowed us to work on some truly epic productions and more.