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Virtual Nurse Simplifilm chose Senstore's ( Virtual Nurse app as the winner of a free video. Now, before you start sending us emails asking for freebies, the Virtual Nurse won because Simplifilm sponsored a Mega Startup Weekend, and this app was such a standout idea, that we chose it as the recipient of one of our Simplifilms.

For those of you who may not know, Startup Weekends (be they Mega or of the normal variety) are 54 hour events where developers, designers, marketers, product managers, and startup enthusiasts come together to share ideas, form teams, build products, and launch startups. (From their site:

The Virtual Nurse is a great idea in these uncertain times where many might not have medical coverage or the necessary finances to go to the doctor as often as they'd like. The reason the Virtual Nurse app is a better than just Googling around Web MD or similar sites is that invariably you start at "cough" and wind up at "oh god I'm going to die!".

Senstore's app, which is backed by Harvard Medical School's premium content, will take you through the steps necessary to find out if what you're experiencing is a real emergency. normal, or if you should probably see a doctor. Instead of self induced hysteria, you get calm reassurance.

Check out our video below, and here's a link to the app itself:

Virtual Nurse from Simplifilm on Vimeo.

You feel sick! You’re in pain! Is it serious or not? How can you tell?

You could jump online, read for hours and diagnose yourself with an imaginary cancer.

OR you could ask the nurse in your pocket.

We’re talking about The Virtual Nurse.

An app with premium medical content that will give you a definitive course of action and peace of mind.

She’ll ask you questions to establish: - If things are normal - If it’s time to see the doctor - If it’s really an emergency situation

Best of all, it’s voice-activated.

Let’s talk to her now.

Voice: Hey Alice, my ankle hurts...

Alice:  Do you have severe pain with fever, or inability to bear weight?

Voice: Yes, I do

Alice: Then you could have an infection, fracture or other serious problem. Contact your doctor right away for an evaluation!

The virtual nurse: from SenStore.  Download for your Android phone today.

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